Videos about National Grid and the US energy industry.

Solar panels

Beam me up, Solar- a Connect21 video

[brightcove videoID=4434266794001 playerID=868996559001 height=350 width=100%] On this 14th stop of our Connect21 video series, we describe how we’re using 16MW of solar to address two goals: (1) test innovative technologies to make solar more efficient and affordable, and (2) maximize the benefit of renewable power to the grid and our customers. Join leaders from National Grid,

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New York City

Reducing our carbon footprint in DNY video

[brightcove videoID=4355651983001 playerID=868996559001 height=350 width=100%] On this 13th stop in our Connect21 video series, here are just a few of the infrastructure projects aimed at reducing our carbon footprint in NYC and LI: Brooklyn Queens Interconnector (BQI): Providing a natural gas supply that will last for decades Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant: Producing clean, affordable

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Central New York street

Creating an ecosystem video

[brightcove videoID=4396870702001 playerID=868996559001 height=350 width=100%] On this 10th stop in our Connect21 video series, meet some of the people who call Central New York home, and hear their stories of growth and innovation.

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Newtown Creek

Newtown Creek Biogas Project video

[brightcove videoID=4070789393001 playerID=868996559001 height=350 width=100%] The Newtown Creek renewable gas project in Brooklyn, NY is our second video in the Connect21 video series. The NYC Department of Environmental Protection and National Grid tell a compelling story about converting biogas into renewable natural gas for residential and commercial use.

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Northport VA hospital

Re-investing energy for veterans video

[brightcove videoID=4355624352001 playerID=868996559001 height=350 width=100%] On this 9th stop in our Connect21 video series, tour Northport VA Medical Center with its Chief Engineer & Acting Associate Director, Ron Brattain, and National Grid New York President, Ken Daly. Since converting from oil to natural gas, the Long Island hospital has reaped $2.5 million in energy savings

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