Videos about National Grid and the US energy industry.

Potsdam substation

A first of its kind

On this final stop in our Connect21 video series, hear all about our partnership with Clarkson University on a microgrid project in Potsdam, NY. It’s anything but small. In fact, Clarkson’s president predicts the partnership between National Grid and Clarkson University could revolutionize how the electric grid across the country is operated into the future.

Solar panels

Beam me up, Solar- a Connect21 video

On this 14th stop of our Connect21 video series, we describe how we’re using 16MW of solar to address two goals: (1) test innovative technologies to make solar more efficient and affordable, and (2) maximize the benefit of renewable power to the grid and our customers. Join leaders from National Grid, the town of Shirley, Mass,

New York City

Reducing our carbon footprint in DNY video

On this 13th stop in our Connect21 video series, here are just a few of the infrastructure projects aimed at reducing our carbon footprint in NYC and LI: Brooklyn Queens Interconnector (BQI): Providing a natural gas supply that will last for decades Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant: Producing clean, affordable renewable energy V.A. Medical Center:


Collaboration without borders

On this 12th stop in our Connect21 video series, hear about some of the challenges we’ve encountered with this project, and our pride in delivering projects in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

LNG tank and Solar panels

A balanced approach

On this 11th stop in our Connect21 video series, hear from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, RI, and meet National Grid leaders and customers who are passionate about shaping the future of energy in New England. Learn how we are planning for a mixed source of energy, including natural gas and renewables – solar, wind, and hydropower.