Videos about National Grid and the US energy industry.

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What outage?

[brightcove videoID=4207375497001 playerID=868996559001 height=350 width=100%] Join us on the 7th stop in our Connect21 video series and feel the excitement of grid modernization  generating from Dean Seavers, President, National Grid, Rita Moran, Stakeholder Engagement, MA National Grid, Mark Hawke, and others.

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Aquidneck Island shoreline

Shoring up new current video

[brightcove videoID=4328850707001 playerID=868996559001 height=350 width=100%] On this 6th stop of our Connect21 video series, tour the Island with Jeanne-Marie Napolitano, Mayor of Newport, RI and Tim Horan, President, National Grid RI. Also, hear residents describe what a reliable and sustainable electricity system means to them.

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Pioneering a solution video

[brightcove videoID=4070789401001 playerID=868996559001 height=350 width=100%] On this 5th stop of our Connect21 video series, tour the substation with Massachusetts President Marcy Reed, and hear what former Massachusetts Senator Gail Canderas and local officials have to say about the difference upgraded infrastructure is making, particularly during storms.

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Providence, Rhode Island

Knitting Providence video

[brightcove videoID=4070789383001 playerID=868996559001 height=350 width=100%] In our fourth Connect21 video, Senator Jack Reed, National Grid RI President Tim Horan, and others, tell the story of how cooperation and partnership can knit a city.

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Connect21 Overview video

Connect21: Our True North

[brightcove videoID=4070789405001 playerID=868996559001 height=350 width=100%] It’s an exciting time for the energy industry, and for America’s energy customers. Our Connect21 video series captures the 21st century energy innovation happening across our service area.

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