Foundation Engineering

Foundation Engineering

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In an article published recently in Transmission & Distribution World magazine, Hilary Rotatori, an engineer in Transmission Engineering New England, describes a challenging transmission upgrade project in Clay, NY, north of Syracuse.

Read the article to learn how the project team worked to engineer an innovative solution to the environmental, geological and weather challenges they faced, not to mention a complex right-of-way located adjacent to an active railroad, a petroleum pipeline and two gun clubs with active rifle ranges.

Hilary joined National Grid in 2010, and has worked on the engineering and design of various line refurbishment, new line and line reconductoring projects in New England and New York. She particularly enjoyed working on this project because it required the team to be very creative and think outside the box to come up with the right solution. “We had a terrific, very collaborative group of employees and vendors that were really committed to figuring out how to deliver the best possible solution for our customers that would be reliable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.” She added, “This was a great opportunity to use our problem-solving skills in a unique situation. I’m very proud to be part of the team that came up with this innovative and effective engineering solution.”

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