National Grid is a top performer in energy efficiency

National Grid is a top performer in energy efficiency

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National Grid was recently named as a top performer in energy efficiency, achieving annual savings of at least 1.5 percent of total retail electric sales, while also helping customers save on their energy bills. It’s another example of how we’re committed to transitioning to a decarbonized U.S. energy infrastructure, as discussed in Dean Seavers’ eBook,The Democratization of Energy. The chapter “How Big is the Bridge?” highlights some of the near-, mid-, and long-term step to reach that goal.

The Ceres report also notes that performance is not the only measure of clean energy leadership: utilities must also support clean energy policies. National Grid, for example, has been an outspoken supporter the Clean Power Plan, and teamed up with the White House, Google, and others on efforts to reduce methane emissions and make natural gas an even cleaner “Bridge” fuel.

This recognition of our work in energy efficiency brings us one step closer to where we hope to help bring the three states we serve: an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It starts right here with us, investing in natural gas infrastructure, green transmission, and energy efficiency today to prepare us for cleaner energy tomorrow.

See the entire press release by Ceres here.

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