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Well educated?

Tony Moloney, National Grid’s UK Manager, Education and Skills, joins the debate about the type of education system we need so that young people are better prepared for the world of work. At the recent Spectator skills event in London, Steve Holliday referred to the passion we feel within National Grid about developing the right

Leaving it too late?

“Getting into engineering was a bit easier for me. My father had his own engineering business so I was always aware that it wasn’t just a blue-collar job. After studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at university, I started a graduate placement in a large engineering firm, but didn’t get much support while I was there.

Work inspiration

  Tony Moloney, National Grid UK’s Manager, Education and Skills, explains how the company aims to inspire young people to consider a career in engineering. In the old days, work experience for school students often amounted to little more than spending a week in a company, making the tea, a spot of photocopying, quick tour