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What outage? – a Connect21 video

Mark Hawke, Mayor of Gardner, MA, was probably speaking on behalf of a lot of people when he said, “It blew my mind when I found out that the only way National Grid knows that the power went out is if you call and tell them.” Cue grid modernization and a future when a customer’s

What outage?

[brightcove videoID=4207375497001 playerID=868996559001 height=350 width=100%] Join us on the 7th stop in our Connect21 video series and feel the excitement of grid modernization  generating from Dean Seavers, President, National Grid, Rita Moran, Stakeholder Engagement, MA National Grid, Mark Hawke, and others.

Sandy and the utility of the future

Among a number of factors, Sandy showed us we need to modernize the grid to better serve the environmental, innovative and customer demands of the 21st century.